Termite Infestation at Home

Termites are little critters that slowly devour your home. They belong to the phylum Arthropoda, the class Insecta, and the order Isoptera. There are more than 2,000 different species of termites out there. Termites eat dead plants and trees. The cellulose or organic fiber in the wood matter is what sustains them. Some termites feed […]

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Ways to Prevent Pest Infestation at Home

Pests are unwelcome guests at your home. They can spread bacteria and viruses that can put your household in danger. To keep pests at bay, here are some tips from Parsons Pest Control experts.

Don’t Let Them In

Seal holes that connect your home to the great outdoors. Repair broken windows, vents, pipes, chimneys, and roof […]

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3 Ways to Have a Pest-Free Backyard

Bugs and mosquitoes, especially during summer, are a nuisance. Though there are products that can help you deal with them, it’s still best if you prevent them from coming to your home. Here are some things you should do to ensure that your yard is pest-free.

Eliminate the things that attract pests […]

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Stink Bugs and Fall Pest Control

Before you know it, summer is over. Before the leaves say goodbye to the warm summer sun, make sure that you are well-prepared for the pests that can be a nuisance during the season of fall. One of these pests is the stinking bug.

Although stink bugs do not pose serious health problems to […]

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Rodent Control at Home

Because cruelty is never necessary, even in pest control.


Rats and mice live wherever humans live.  They love to rummage your kitchen and closets. The bad thing is, they can contaminate your food and storage areas. They can also destroy your cabinetry and wooden furniture. Mice and rodents can also pose danger to your family […]

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