1.Why should the outside rather than the inside of my home be treated for pests?

By treating the exterior of your home pests can be stopped in their tracks before they ever get inside and invade your family’s living space where they can potentially cause problems and even damage.


2. How long does a perimeter pest treatment last?

The perimeter pest treatment stops pests in minutes of the application but it is difficult to say how long the application will last for you home. Many conditions factor in when an application schedule is set up. Many areas have different climates, infestations types, the types of grounds around your home, etc. When we make the initial inspection we can tell you best how often your treatments will be needed.


3. What should I do to prepare for a perimeter treatment?

That is the beautiful thing about our service. You need not be there or even do anything to prepare. If you have a gate or dangerous pet you may wish to make arrangements but other than that we are entirely self-sufficient. Your notice will be left letting you know the application was made.


4. Will the treatment harm the grass, shrubs or flowers around my home?

No. Even with direct contact, you never have to worry about the product we use harming the soil or lawn


5. Should children and pets be kept away from the treated areas?

Only until the product has dried


6. Is there any odor with the treatments?

No. One of the many advantages of the product we use is you don’t have a bothersome odor.for most people


7. What is the best thing I can do to remain Green, and still have pest protection?

Yes , you can still be green and have a green attitude about our future …and still have pest protection . Monitor,Identify, seal, exclude, apply at label rates only(more is not better) as needed. Try natural repellants they speak loud in the green scheme. When unsure about direction contact your pest professional.