Spiders look creepy because they have unusual eight legs that are often hairy. These insects help us eradicate tiny pests found inside our homes like mosquitoes and fleas. We all know that those small pests in our house can be deadly, so we should thank spiders for hunting them. Spiders hunt naturally, so they are considered organic pesticides against little pests. Their fangs intend to catch preys effectively. There are very rare instances they bite humans. These occurrences often happen as their defense mechanism against the threat and possible harm. Want to know some species of spiders that might be lurking in your home? See our list below:

  • Brown Recluse spider is commonly found in dark places. Their species are known to be dangerous because they release venom which produces loxoscelism that may cause mild fever, headaches, and vomiting.
  • Black Widow spider bite also possess venom that can cause pain in the chest or in the body part bitten. It may also cause muscle cramps, sweating, and vomiting.
  • Hobo spider species commonly enter premises looking for a suitable mate. Their bite can cause minor injury only. They only bite when threatened.
  • Yellow Sac spider is usually seen indoor during the winter season to protect themselves from cold weather. Their bite is painful to some but mostly unnoticeable.
  • The majority of Long Bodied Cellars are found in dim areas or moist places inside your home like in basements and crawlspaces.


  • Giant House Spider: This is the kind of spider that we often see lurking inside our homes. Interestingly, female giant house spiders produce up to 250 eggs in its sac. They also bite only when threatened.

Spiders are unwanted organisms especially when they started breeding inside your home.  Moreover, you can use remedies like insecticides such as Suspend SC and CB 80 Insecticide to have a clean and hygienic home. To place your order you can visit our store at store.parsonspestcontrol.com. Parsons Pest Control is one of the leading service provider in Dallas in terms of eliminating pest.