Pests can be a headache. They cause severe damage to our kitchens, libraries and anywhere
moist. They normally feed on our food, the major component of our lives. They nest inside the
wooden walls and eat them up until they start to crumble. They can completely destroy your
woodwork and make your home a mess. Therefore, proper pest control is necessary to save
your house from this wreck. Termites destroy not only your house interior but also give you an
unhealthy and unpleasing feeling. They usually don’t feed on human but can give off weird
vibes. You have to use proper pest control services to keep your house safe. There are many
ways to control termite growth and completely eradicate them from your house. Even if your
house is safe from these bugs you should still take precautions.

Signs of Termites:
There are many signs for you to determine if there is termite growth in your house. Termites
usually feed on cellulose the major component of wood. While they binge on their favorite food,
they make noise. You can hear a clicking sound from your wooden walls or floor. This will
indicate termite growth. Usually, you get to know about the presence of these pests after they
have done damage to your house. So it is better to take precaution beforehand. You can use
different medicines and drugs to be installed in the foundations of your house to keep these
disastrous pests away. The hard to open windows and doors of your house also indicate termite

Use of Borate Salt:
You can use borate salt to kill off the termites. It is used on the cellulose body. You would have
to impregnate the cellulose body with sodium borate salt. As we know, cellulose is the
favorite food of termites, they will readily eat the sodium borate salt which will kill them. Sodium
borate salt basically reacts with the body metabolism of termites and destroy them internally.
They would not be able to reproduce and die off. Normally, termites reproduce rapidly but with
the introduction of sodium borate impregnated cellulose bodies the whole population will die off
eventually leaving your house safe and healthy. It is one of the effective ways to keep your
house or soil safe from pests.

Piping Solution:
It is one of the best ways to control pest growth nowadays. It is the latest technology which uses
porous pipes. These porous pipes are anti-termite in nature and keep the foundations of your
house termite-free. These are used fundamentally while the construction of your house. They
are established at every corner of the perimeter. They are very efficient and completely fend off
all types of termites and wood bugs. Many pest control companies offer proper establishment of
this anti-termite pipes inside your house. You can also find these online and compare prices. It
is affordable and cheap. Moreover, companies give discounts and offers.

Anti-Termite Services:
There are many companies which offer deals to make your house insects-free. Parsons Pest
Management is one of the leading companies. It will purify your house so that you can enjoy a
hygienic and pest-free life. The sight of insects crawling can totally spoil your mood and make
your day worse. Parsons Pest Management tries their best to help you stay happy and healthy.
To live a peaceful life, high hygiene standards are a must. Therefore, you should contact pest
control services such as them for complete eradication of these disease-causing vectors.