Insects are a part of our ecosystem. We are okay with them as long as they don’t come near us.
Pests in our home can be gross and creepy. They not only make our home unhygienic but also
can cause severe damage to our property. Your home is your safe haven where you can enjoy a
peaceful life but these pests take that away from us. While you are enjoying a good meal with
your family, a crawling cockroach nearby can spoil the whole atmosphere. You wake up to enjoy
good morning breakfast and seeing termites on your kitchen shelf will spoil your whole day. So,
it is better to avoid these situations with proper pest control measures. Mice are very common in
the urban area. These filthy rats can dirty your kitchen and increase the chances of

Preventions of Rodent Control:
Rats and mice are most likely the rodents entering your house. They normally invade your
kitchen and binge on your food. It is really hard to starve them out as they can eat almost
anything because of their sharp teeth. It is better to remove all the attractants from your house
to somewhere else where rats or mice cannot see. They normally live in the trash basket and
binge on it. It is better to keep your trash covered and sealed. Mice usually make their nest near
a water source, so make sure to check any spots in your house near water which they rat or
mice can nest.

Use of Medicines
Rats and mice can spread many diseases. They basically live in the trash and carry germs all
the way to your kitchen. They can carry many infectious diseases like hepatitis, cholera,
jaundice etc. So, it’s better to take precautions beforehand. You can use medicines which will
keep them away from your kitchen and your food preparation surfaces. Many drugs like
midazolam and butorphanol can be used to sedate these rats then you can kill them off with
boiling water. You can also use different rodent poisons to completely wipe them off from your

Rat Traps and House Cleaning:
The best and cheapest way to make your house rats-free would be the use of rat traps. You can
buy one from any store near your house and set it in your kitchen. You would have to set it on
the location where you are sure rats and mice pass by. The best ingredient to lure them out
would be a piece of cheese. The rats have a strong sense of smell. They can smell the food
from quite a distance. They would definitely be lured out and killed off. In order to keep your
family safe from infectious disease. You have to keep your kitchen clean and hygiene. It is best
to clean off the shelves after every meal and put the leftover food in hard plastic containers or in
the refrigerator. Rats and mice would less likely come in a clean and hygienic kitchen. It makes
it hard for them to nest there.

Rodent Control companies:
There are many rodent control agencies which will much likely clean your house from these
filthy creatures. Parsons Pest Management works hard to make your house healthy and clean.
Parsons Pest control uses the latest technology to keep you safe from all the pests and prevent
serious diseases. It is the best option for pest control.