Pests can cause serious damage to your property and bring about potentially deadly diseases.
There are many common pests like termites and rodents crawling around your house and
spreading many harmful vectors. To completely avoid these filthy insects, proper pest control
measures have to be taken. There are many ways to eradicate these pests from your home,
one of which is the use of medicines and home remedies. There are many pest control
companies which kill off all the pests in your house. Parsons Pest Management is one of the
leading companies in this field and they do it the safe and right way.

They have many satisfied customers all around town. Fleas commonly affect pets
and cause illnesses such as unnecessary itching and stress. To completely wipe off all the fleas
from your pet you can use home remedies like dish soap and baking soda. Fleas are
considered as pests because they feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals. Here are some
home remedies that you can use to do the Pest Control Yourself!

Use of Dishwashing Soap

This a cheap home remedy you can use to get rid of these annoying fleas. All you have to do is
put some dish soap in a plate or bowl and pour warm water in it. Mix it with a spoon and place it
in the room where you mostly observe fleas’ activities. It is advised to place it in your room at
night. Because fleas are considered nocturnal insects. They mostly feed on the blood of
warmblooded animals at night. The mixture you placed in the room will act as an adhesive
material and capture all the fleas coming close. You can also place a candle nearby which will
attract pests.

Baking Soda and Salt Method

To completely get rid of fleas in your home, baking soda and salt can become handy. Baking
soda and salt are very good dehydrating agents and kills off the fleas by reacting with their body
metabolism. In order to use them efficiently, you have to put the baking soda and salt on your
carpet or any other surface where you mostly observe the flea activity. Then rub the surface off
first with the baking soda and after that with the common salt. You can use brushes of different
sizes, adjusting them to the surface you want to clean. The fibers of your carpet will catch
baking soda grains and with the help of the brush, you can rub them deep within. After rubbing
the surface for 2-5 minutes you can dry it off with a vacuum. It won’t leave any chance of flea
growth and make your carpet pest-free.

Lemon and Herbal Sprays

Lemon and herbal sprays are very effective against fleas. You can easily make the herbal spray
at home with the normal grocery items. Just mix 2 liters water in 4 liters vinegar and mix
thoroughly. after that mix half-liter lemon juice and 250ml witch hazel. mix the ingredients and
put them in a large spray bottle. Spray it on all surfaces like carpet and sofa covers, bed sheets
etc. After a few hours wash them off and dry them. They will be clean and fleas-free.
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