Almost every house has some kind of pest in it. Pests are so common all around the world. They not only pollute our food but gives us the uneasy annoying feeling. Making your house pests free is very important for your hygiene and health. Also, the standard of your house is affected by the presence of pests like mice, cockroaches, termites etc. Termites are the silent destroyers. They keep on eating without taking a break. The damage done to the United States property yearly only by termites is excessive. So, make sure your house is termites-free.


Usually, the signs and symptoms of termites appear when it’s too late.  They destroy your property from the inside. Usually, they travel in a colony. So, you don’t want your house to become their home. The signs include a cracking noise from wood wall and mud on the floor. There are many more signs to detect their presence, but counter measures have to be taken right away because they can do much damage in little time.  Termites also send swarmers to attack new location. These swarmers have wings and only appear for a little time. But the discarded wings can be seen around the affected area. Termite treatment has an entirely different approach compared to flea and tick treatment for dog. So make sure to check your house for these signs and take the needed counter measures.

Kerosene Oil:

The wood damage is excessive in the presence of these pests. Termites live on wood and destroy it from the inside. You can say it is their favorite food. They binge on it. Just like many teenagers binge on the food in the fridge. There is usually a mud line on the affected portion. This is basically a mud tube which protects the termites from the elements. You can use kerosene oil on that mud tube to kill off these pests. But there is no guarantee that they won’t come back. You have to eradicate the whole colony or they will multiply and attack again.

Cover Wood Cracks

If there are any cracks in the woodwork of your house, make sure to cover or seal it. Use silicon tubes or other methods to close all the holes. These might in future become the camp base of these annoying pests. Termites can also make holes in the walls to reach the wooden surface of your house. In that case, there will be small holes in the wall. Don’t just grab any product in your supermarket like insecticide sprays, Triplet Herbicide or Bithor SC Insecticide, make sure you get the right product to eradicate termites then seal possible infected holes or cracks. If the foundation of your house is affected, then its best to contact a professional. He will give you the best solution possible to secure your house and make it safe.

Contact our experts team. They are great at this kind of stuff from being a cockroach exterminator to termite exterminator. Whatever pest control in Dallas you need, feel free to ask us for a quote to help you with your urgent need.


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If you have no idea how to deal with these annoying pests, then contacting the professionals will be your best option. Here at Parsons Pest Control, we have experienced professionals. We evaluate the situation and bring out the best solution possible to make your house clean and hygienic. Our workers are adept in getting rid of all kinds of pests. So don’t worry, we will eliminate all types of pest from your home so that you can enjoy a peaceful and comfortable sleep.