Pest Control

Flies, ants, wasps, moths, mites, mice, fleas, spiders, cockroaches,
mosquitoes.. I can go on and on enumerating pests we definitely
would not want in our homes. Some are easy to deal with. Just
prevent clutter and filth, do regular housekeeping, seal possible pest
entry ways and remove food sources that might attract them, you
would indeed not see them anywhere near. However, there are some
that despite your prevention, treatment and control methods, they still
exist and just do not want to go away. They are the type of unwanted
pests that no matter how many times you use repellant sprays and
traps, it is as if your efforts are all in vain. Ever wonder who these
pests are which are the most difficult ones to get rid of? Read further,
we have identified the top most pests toughest to eliminate.

Termites are on top of the list because they are relatively hard to
detect when they are initially evident. Oftentimes, they’ll only be
noticed when an infestation had already occurred. They can go
unnoticed for a long period of time. The warning signs of their
habitation are less obvious compared to other pests. You’d more likely
notice the signs when enough damage has already been done.
These pests live in soil where they build underground tunnels that go
above the surface. They carry food on these passages to survive.
Their usual hideouts are anything that has wood. Examples are wood
furnitures, structures, beams, flooring and panels. If you notice these
mentioned parts of your home with saw dust, cracks, mud tubes or
damage, most likely termites have already been attacking all along.
Pest control technicians can detect early signs of termite infestation
because they have the tools, gadgets and technology for it.

Due to bed bugs’ tiny and flat physical attributes, they can easily be
transported from one place to another including people to people and
from one item to another. They are so small that they are oftentimes
not visible to the naked eye. Sadly, although small they can be terrible
pests. They can multiply to an alarming number causing a full blown
infestation that is so hard to get rid of. Even if you clean, vacuum or
get rid of infected items from your home, it is still not an assurance the
bed bugs will go away. To effectively eradicate bed bugs, a thorough
pest control professional inspection, residual solution spraying and
heat treatment are needed to ensure the entire bug life cycle has been
dealt with.

Particularly rats are so hard to get rid of. Their presence is easy to
detect because of their droppings, urine, left over damaged goods,
scratch marks and even they themselves, we often spot them with our
naked eyes scurrying in and about inside and out of our homes. Rats
are nocturnal so they often come out at night to look for food to
survive. They are flexible in such a way they can squeeze in tight
places, climb high ceilings and hide on impossible areas where they
can be out of reach and sight. They are smart pests and really agile
that is why they are hard to lure, bait, trap and catch. Pest control
experts can do a great job eliminating them. They will do a full scale
inspection to plan strategic methods to control, treat, eliminate and
prevent re-entry of these uninvited pests.

Pests are unwanted organisms that are a nuisance to humans, other
animals, plants, and property. If you need professional assistance in
dealing with them especially these top three difficult and toughest pests,
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and eliminate pests in your home.