Mosquito Awareness 2019

One of the deadliest insects that can harm humans is mosquitos. They are of several species depending on climate and breeding territory preference. Millions of people get infected by these mosquitos causing diseases that sadly often lead to complications and death. Illnesses caused by these vectors include well-known malaria, dog heartworm, dengue, encephalitis, and yellow… Read more about Mosquito Awareness 2019

Wasp Nest Removal

A wasps’ nest can harm and endanger humans aside from just being a nuisance in one’s property. It is highly advisable then to have them destroyed when it comes to that point. The task of removing it can be daunting and dangerous. One should be extra careful in not threatening the insects otherwise they’ll become… Read more about Wasp Nest Removal

4 Steps to Control Regular Pests

We often hear that prevention is better than cure. It is not only applicable to our health, but it is also when it comes to our homes. Our initial defense against unwanted pests is prevention. If you already see signs of pest like droppings, unexpected holes or tunnels, bug debris, etc. you’ve missed your window… Read more about 4 Steps to Control Regular Pests

3 Tips to Stop Pest Infestation from Happening in your Home 2019

Do an integrated pest management approach to stop pest infestation from happening in your home. QUICK TIP #1 Practice Prevention • Make your property unappealing to them. Pests just like humans need water, food and shelter to survive. If your property does not offer these, they will not stay and would most likely consider going elsewhere. •… Read more about 3 Tips to Stop Pest Infestation from Happening in your Home 2019

6 Pest Control Tips

It is one of the most awaited time of the year again. Spring brings forth the essence of renewal and rejuvenation. It is enjoyable to see birds chirping outside, flowers starting to bloom beautifully and animals venturing out in the open. Exciting it may seem, it does bring a negative experience if you’ll be hosting… Read more about 6 Pest Control Tips