Your home is your safe haven. You should protect it the best way you can and
that includes preventing it from any form of damage. There are many threats that
can pose danger to your place, one of them are termites. They might be small
but they can be so terrible to the point they can intensively and costly destroy
properties when an infestation arises.

How to know if your house has termites already? Look for signs. Detect them
early so you can do the necessary to prevent, control, treat and eliminate them
the soonest possible.

Sign #1 Banging

Do you hear tiny, clicking sounds on your walls? Worker termites love eating
wood. They are noisy eaters when busy munching food.

Sign #2 Flying Insects
Have you experienced witnessing flying insects attracted to light sources inside
your home especially at night or right after heavy rain? They may be swarmers
commonly distinguished as flying termites. They fly to move to one place to
another oftentimes to find a mate or establish a new colony.

Sign #3 White Ants
There is no such thing as white ants! Termites look so similar to ants in terms of
shape, size and even behavior so people usually get confused. Termites are not
white, they are so light in color, they seem to be translucent. Their antennae are
bent not straight and their wings are of the same length unlike the ants’.

Sign #4 Hollow or Papery Sounding Timber
Termites eat away wood from inside out so timber gets partly or entirely
consumed so when you tap or knock on your wall, you would notice hearing a
sort of hollow or papery sound.

Sign #5 Doors are Tight Fitted and Windows Hard to Open
Termites when they eat wood particularly on the door sides and window frames
produce moisture. This makes wood warp which causes doors and windows
relatively hard to open.

Sign #6 Wood Galleries
These galleries are tunnels in the wood not easily seen. Technology such as infrared,
x-rays as such can help detect them.

Sign #7 Frass
These are termite droppings. Feces are pushed out of small holes near the
entrances to their nest. Visible tiny black marks and powdery substance can be
found in the area where the infestation is prevalent.

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