One of the deadliest insects that can harm humans is mosquitos. They are of several
species depending on climate and breeding territory preference. Millions of people get
infected by these mosquitos causing diseases that sadly often lead to complications and
death. Illnesses caused by these vectors include well-known malaria, dog
heartworm, dengue, encephalitis, and yellow fever. Even our pets and other animals can
be in danger too because of them. They can be used to transmit diseases making them
highly susceptible in a way as well. Do note however that not all mosquitos are disease
carriers. However, they can still be harmful as they can be a significant nuisance. They
bite off the skin and cause unnecessary itching.

Many initiatives have been done to hopefully control and eradicate these mosquitos.
Some prevention tips include cleaning and organizing your home. Making sure no
standing water is available for the mosquitos to breed in and multiply. Mosquitos’ eggs
are laid on standing water. They then hatch as larvae. When matured, these adult
mosquitos can now fly leaving the standing water to find somewhere else to breed and
repeat the cycle. Keep the mosquitos outside your home by putting screens on your
doorways and windows.

We recommend the use of mosquito repellents too for you and
your family. Preferably stay indoors especially during dusk and dawn. When needed to
go outdoors, light-colored clothing oftentimes does the trick of putting away mosquitos.
You may also make use of one of the most common methods of controlling these insects
which is through insecticides that often contain chemicals. Gladly, there are now natural
and green alternatives that can do the same thing. Mosquito-borne vectors, however, can
easily be receptive on these insecticides. Once they develop the resistance against it, it
may no longer be effective.

If you have a mosquito problem at home, the prevention tips shared is a good start to
address this problem. Should you need further help, Parsons Pest Management is here
to provide expert services such as fogging spraying and offer alternative solutions
through our wide variety of products available on our store. Professional, effective and
affordable, you can trust us that we can make your home a better and safer haven for
you and your loved ones.