Prevent Stinging Insects Infestation

Do you really want to wait for bees, hornets or wasps to swarm your property? We hope
not! They can be harmful since these insects can dangerously sting. We highly suggest
utmost prevention as a priority. How to go about it? Here are our simple and easy to
follow tips to keep stinging insects away from your home.

Tip #1 Remove or cover anything sweet
Stinging insects are into sugary food and drinks like nectar and honey. Since they are
attracted to the sweet stuff, avoid them out in the open as much as possible.

Tip #2 Clean and keep you property well-maintained
Your garage, attic, and deck can be infested by stinging insects. They usually like to nest
on crevices, torn screens, soffits holes, broken panels, and gaps. Keeping your property
in order discourages them to stay there which assures you, they won’t get inside your

Tip #3 Do regular yard work
Similar to maintaining your property clean and organized, the yard needs the same
tender loving care. Ground holes in the garden can be used as insect nests too. Prevent
wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, and bees from invading by doing yard work such as filling
holes left by rodents.

#4 Put your flower bed a good distance away from your home
Stinging insects prey on other species. They will then be drawn to your garden to find
food. You might want to prefer non-flowering plants instead of flowering ones. Otherwise,
do strategically place your flower pots in your yard away from your home.

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