Pest Infestation

Since most pests are nocturnal, we hardly see them in plain sight. We
can, however, determine they are present by looking for signs that
prove their existence. Here are some of the warnings that indicate
you have unwanted visitors at home.

Damaged goods
The kitchen usually has a pantry with various ingredients needed in
cooking. Pests love this area since this is where they’ll mostly find
food. When you see nibbled packaging on raw ingredients and even
spills you didn’t do, most likely pests have been there. Take time to do
a thorough inspection and prevent this from happening again by
properly putting food on containers pest cant get through on.

Damaged Structure
Termites love eating wood. Tap or knock on wood structures to check
if they are already infested. Few other insects also gnaw through
plaster so check for scratch marks which suggests a possible pest
visit or invasion.

Damaged Structure
Aside from scratch marks, certain pests like mice and rats may leave
paw prints or greasy smears on your stove, kitchen counter and

Have you ever experienced finding hatched eggs inside drawers?
They may be from cockroaches, lizards, etc. If you find such things,
better clean that, disinfect and make sure its seal proof to prevent pest

Urine and Feces
Pests are nasty creatures. They are dirty and unhygienic. It is typical
to see their droppings where they nest or usually hang out. These
droppings may eventually build-up on window sills. Droppings are tiny,
dry and similar looking to grains of rice. Some is sticky like the bird
droppings. Their urine is easily detectable because of the foul smell it

It is important that once you see these signs, take action right away.
They can harm by biting or by simply being carriers of diseases. Food
can easily be contaminated during preparation, processing and
packaging. Prevent any unwanted pathogens and deadly diseases
come in contact you, your family, pets and home.

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