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Ants and How to Expel Them from Your Home

Ants are wise and industrious creatures. They earnestly work during summer to store enough food for the colder season. The longer, hotter, and drier the weather, the more ants are motivated to scurry into your house to gather food.

Cleaning up your kitchen after meal and using ant traps, bait, and gel can help you deal […]

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Keeping Your Garden in Excellent Shape this Summer

A garden at home is a dream of many. There are benefits of having a garden. Some grow their own garden in order to produce organic food. Some are cultivating a garden to add aesthetic value to their homes.


This summer, you should give extra care to your garden because of the wilting effects of the summer […]

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Ant Bites and Treatment

Ants love the summer just as much as you do. Notice how they seem to be everywhere during the summer season.

Ants belong to the insect order Hymenoptera, the order which also includes bees and wasps. There are actually over 12,000 species of ants. Some species have a mild sting. However, there are ants with bites […]

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Flowers that Favor the Summer Season

Happiness is… gardening in summer. The warmth of the sun and the vibrant colors around you in summer make the season something to look forward to. You don’t have to go to the beaches or go overseas just to enjoy the season. You can just stay at home yet feel happy and productive.

One of the […]

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Stinging and Biting Insects

Stinging and biting insects refer to pests that sting or bite. These insects may either belong to solitary or social groups. With solitary species, members live independently of each other. This group includes mosquitoes, velvet ants, and carpenter bees, among others. Social insects, on the other hand, live together in colonies. These groups usually have […]

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