The winter holiday is here! We bet you and your family are already looking forward to a season full of glee. To make sure the coming holidays are worry-free, do these three things NOW.

Get your home ready

The first thing to do to is to make sure that your family stays comfortable in the coming days ahead. Clean every nook and cranny of your home. Perform a general cleaning—remove dust on the surface of furniture and scrub the floor. It’s also important to do a maintenance check of your home, particularly the heating system. Inspect the attic and basement to make sure there are no pests hiding in these places. If rodents and insects are already making themselves at home in your house, call pest control experts to help you deal with the problem.

Prepare the holiday decors

Celebrating the holiday season is more fun if you have Christmas decorations in your home. Encourage your kids to help decorate your house. Make sure the Christmas tree you bring inside is free from insects and bugs. For Christmas lights, check the lights for frayed or bare wires and loose connections.



Plan your menu

One of the things that excite people about the coming holiday is the food. So you won’t have difficulty juggling your time between gift-shopping and food preparation, plan your menu now. From appetizers, main course to dessert, you should make a list as early as now. Make sure you also include finger food and other snacks for children.

Making your winter holiday safe and merry requires early preparation. Start it now!