Definitely, yes.

Pests won’t give you rest days. Their presence can be felt no matter the season. Knowing the common type of infestation each season is important in finding a way to protect your home from pests.


Spring is a beautiful season, what with all the colorful flowers blooming and leaves’ hue on their most vibrant green. You’re not the only one who loves this season. Insects love spring as well. The perfect weather makes spring the best time for them to end their hibernation and explore the garden or home for food and, perhaps, find a mate. Ants go on a picnic in your garden during spring. They rummage your garden and kitchen for food to store for winter. Apart from ants, ticks are among the most annoying spring pests. Ticks can enter your home easily. They can attach themselves in your luggage, clothes or any other items. They may carry Lyme disease, which causes lethargy, chronic rash and even partial paralysis.


Like spring, summer is also a favourite season of biting insects. One of the most annoying summer pests is mosquito. Their number grows big, particularly in June. Ants are also active in summer. They continue to rummage gardens and kitchens for food. Termites love the warmth of the summer season. They emerge from their winter nests and look for food. It’s important that you get your home inspected by pest control experts, especially the structures made of wood.


Rats, mice and other rodents are common during fall. The temperature drops, so these critters find warm places to keep themselves warm and look for food. They usually rummage the attic, basement and kitchen. Rodents bring diseases that can harm your family. So it’s necessary to eliminate them from your home.


If you think you’re safe from pests during winter, you’re wrong. Rodents, spiders, cockroaches and bed bugs are around during the cold season. They seek warmth in your home. They usually love the dark places in your house. Make sure to seal the cracks and holes in your house so these pesky critters can’t enter.

Be vigilant against pests all year round. Get the help of Parsons Pest Control experts to help you eradicate these pesky creatures.