Pests are unwelcome guests at your home. They can spread bacteria and viruses that can put your household in danger. To keep pests at bay, here are some tips from Parsons Pest Control experts.

Don’t Let Them In

Seal holes that connect your home to the great outdoors. Repair broken windows, vents, pipes, chimneys, and roof shingles where insects can sneak through.

Get Rid of Standing Water

Fix leaky plumbing and don’t let water accumulate anywhere in the home. Get rid of standing water in your yard as it’s the favorite breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Starve the Pests

Like humans, insects need food, water, and shelter to survive. The first step to stop pest infestation, therefore, is to starve pests. You should eliminate their food supply and get rid of their favorite hiding spots.

Remove Overgrowth

Pests love thick bushes and overgrowth in your yard because these serve as their nests. Trim bushes and trees, particularly if they’re near the house. It also pays to rake up debris and remove weeds in the garden.

DIY is good, but there are situations when calling for professional help is better. When you did everything previously mentioned, yet pests still persist, then it’s time to call a pest control expert.