Why we use Talstar One multi-insecticide for your home

clearance itemsOnly Parsons professional pest control operators have the experience, knowledge, and access to high quality products to protect your home from the threat of termite infestation. One of the tools we use to stop termites is a superior termiticide Known as Talstar.

We’ve chosen FMC’s TalstarOne multi-insecticide over all of the other professional-strength termite products available because it combines powerful protection with features that our customers/homeowners like.


1. Talstar termiticide is effective at low concentrations.

Independent tests have shown that Talstar One multi-insecticide stops termites. We’d have to use four to twelve times as much of some competing products to equal this stopping power. That’s a powerful advantage we know you’ll want and keeps your cost down!

2. Talstar 1 multi-insecticide protects you longer.

We want your home to have long-lasting termite protection, and Talstar termiticide delivers it. In USDA field trials, Talstar 1 multi-insecticide lasted longer then every other competitive product. And our professional use of this product has been just as successful.

Some termiticides only kill termites as they pass through a chemical barrier as they move towards your home, it’s called encapsulation which means basically the termiticide is stored in little tiny bubbles and released when the bubbles are broken. With TalstarOne termiticide, your home is MORE protected. Unlike non-repellent termiticides, the active ingredient in Talstar prevents termites from crossing the barrier AND will kill them on contact if they somehow manage to get close.

3. Talstar won’t hang around in your home.

Bifenthrin, the active ingredient in TalstarOne has low volatility. That means you won’t be exposed to measurable airborne termiticide residues after the treatment, making this much safer.

You want termite protection to be as responsible as it is effective, and we agree. That’s another reason we’ve chosen this multi-insecticide from FMC. Its low-volume application means we don’t have to use as much around your home. Finally, TalstarOne insecticide has no odor, is non-irritating, and non-staining. Insecticide

Professional termite protection is your best choice. We, as professionals, we have confidence in Talstar termiticide / insecticide.