Summer is fun. It’s the time of the year when everyone can enjoy outdoor dining, afternoon picnics and romantic night under the stars. You’re not the only one who can have fun, though. Many pests hold their own shenanigans in your garden in summer.

Once summer heat is here, insects reproduce rapidly. Here are some pests that can infest your garden during the summer season.


These insects are so tiny, only about 1/20 inch long and they swarm up in clouds when infested plants are disturbed. Infected plants have curled and puckered leaves, and have a sticky substance that hosts black sooty mold and attracts ants. Whiteflies are usually attracted to ornamental plants, grapes, tomato and sweet potato.

Spider mites

Spider mites are only 1/70 to 1/50 inch long. They suck plant juices and produces honeydew that attracts ants. Infected plants have silvery stipples or spots on leaves. The leaves of infected plants also appear dull. Many spider mites produce webbing. Spider mites are usually found in vegetables, citrus and roses.


Grasshoppers have large, chewing jaws that can really ruin your landscape plants. They munch on weeds and ornamental crops. When you see ragged edges on leaves and leaf margins having semicircular holes, you can be sure they’ve been the grasshoppers’ dinner.

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