Successful Methods in Pest Control

Pest control or pest management can be achieved through different means. A successful control of pests depends largely on the method used as well as on the proper understanding of the habits and ecology of the target pest. This is why it is important that you hire an expert pest control services. The pest control manager you hire is well trained in the field and can apply integrated pest management program based on the behaviours and ecology of the target pests.

Ways of Controlling Pests

There are various methods that can be applied for the control of pests. The methods given below can be used in the control of pest.

1. Physical Control
Physical Control as implicit from the name refers to any measure taken in order to gain control over the pests’ body. A typical example of such method is trapping of the pests. Physical method of pest control can be an effective means of pest control. Its benefit lies in the fact that it does not have any side effect on the humans. No chemical is used and thus the environment is not polluted. Though this method can be used to control pests for a long term, it is effective in eliminating a huge number of pests at the same time.

2. Improved hygiene as a pest control means
Pests easily breed in a dirty environment. If you are not keeping your environment clean, the likelihood that you will be attacked by pests will be higher. So, one of the means through which you can control pest is by improving your home hygiene. Here are some of the strategies that you should apply in order to maintain a high home hygiene culture.

  • Sweep your home on daily basis.
  • Evacuate your trash can regularly
  • Clean up your dining and your plates immediately after each meal
  • Wrap waste food particles before throwing them in the trash to eliminate flies
  • Maintain a good bodily hygiene by taking your bath regularly and washing your clothes.

3. Cultural method of pest control
The cultural method does not kill the pests rather it helps to prevent the attack of the insects by putting up practices that will deter the pest from attacking your home. For example, improving the ventilation of your home can be an effective means of controlling pests such as cockroach.

4. Chemical control
This is the use of chemicals in controlling pests. It is very effective. However, it should be applied with caution. An expert advice is needed.

5. Biological control

This is the use of natural enemies of the target pests to eliminate them.

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