Spring is finally here! It’s time to go beyond the usual weekly dusting, mopping, and sweeping. It’s time to give your home some deep cleaning.

Vacuum your bathroom

Grime builds up in your bathroom. Give it a thorough cleaning! Vacuum the walls, then make sure to wipe them with cleaning products. You can find some at Parsons Pest Control.

Wash your window when it’s not too bright outside

It’s best to clean your windows when it’s cloudy. Start washing the windows on the shady part of the house. This is to prevent the sunlight from drying the cleanser and leaving streaks on your window. Use vertical strokes on one side and horizontal ones on the other.

Dust from top to bottom

To prevent going over surfaces several times, dust from top to bottom. Dry dust first before you wet dust. It’s also important to use only a small amount of water when dealing with wood furniture.

Deep clean the items in your kitchen

You should not forget about your cookware as well. Use non-abrasive sponge and scrub the stains from your kitchen appliances. Use stainless steel cleaners to wipe away the fingerprints and oily residue. For smaller silver pieces, use baking soda when rubbing the surface. Just bring water, a tablespoon of baking soda aluminum foil to a boil.

Use eco-friendly pest control products

Spring is also the season of insect infestation. More insects appear as they prepare for their reproductive season. There are tons of pest control products out there. You have to be careful when choosing one, particularly if you have kids at home. Choose products and pest control measures that are eco-friendly. Parsons Pest Management can help you on this.