Insects and other critters like rodents play an important role in maintaining the balance of nature. Insects help in the pollination of flowers and vegetables. Some of these insects even produce useful items such as silk and beeswax. Apart from this, they help keep pest population under control. Predatory insects, for instance, attack animals or plants that we consider as pests.

Insects and rodents, particularly in large numbers, are considered hazardous to human health, however. They can damage your home and plants. The biggest threat, though, is the diseases they can spread in your household.

Although small, a mosquito may cause big damage. Several species can transmit West Nile virus that causes encephalitis. Mosquitoes also carry infectious agents that cause lymphatic filariasis, malaria, and yellow fever. Some critters, such as yellow jackets, fire ants, and hornets even cause severe allergic reactions and death in humans through stings or bites.

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Mice, rats, and other creatures of the murid family can transmit diseases by biting humans and carrying fleas. The deer mice, for instance, can transmit a virus which causes hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, causing flu-like symptoms and even death. Norway rats, on the other hand, can transmit murine typhus. Rodents can also contaminate food and water.

Keeping your house clean all the time minimizes the risks of having these pests infesting your home. Make sure all bins have a tight lid and are emptied regularly because animals can feast on your leftovers and waste. Another thing you can do is to store your food in lockable containers. It’s also important to clean the floors daily so animals can’t feast on crumbs that have fallen.

In case there’s already an infestation, you can get the help of professionals for an effective pest control services.