There are a number of domesticated animals today such as dogs, cats, horses, goats, cows, ferrets, chickens, hamsters and others. Among all these domesticated animals, there is none that can make a perfect companion to human being than dogs and cats. These two pets are kept by many families today. A good number of families have either dogs or cats. You can even find a family that has both cats and dogs as their pets.

Besides, these animals are kept for other purposes. For examples, dogs can be used for a number of purposes. They can be used for hunting and for security reasons. Well trained dogs are perfect sniffers. They are used by security agents to detect criminals carrying illegal drugs and other items. Some species of dogs are good shepherds while some can be used for farming purposes.

Cats are also very useful in several ways. They are natural enemies of rats and other rodents. So, there are some families that are keeping these little and gentle creatures to get rid of rodents from their homes, business premises and even in their farms. The use of cats for the elimination of rodents has no side effect at all.



However, dogs and cats are exposed to pests. Despite their power, they are helpless before these blood sucking pests like ticks fleas, mosquitoes and the likes. They depend solely on the care of their owners. If they are not properly treated when they are infested with these parasites, it can cause terrible health problems to these animals. It can even lead to their dead. This is why it is important for every dogs and cats owner to take good care of them and maintain their body hygiene.

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