Bugs and mosquitoes, especially during summer, are a nuisance. Though there are products that can help you deal with them, it’s still best if you prevent them from coming to your home. Here are some things you should do to ensure that your yard is pest-free.

Eliminate the things that attract pests and use things that repel them
Clean your backyard and keep everything tidy there. Rearrange the items in your yard. It’s also important to remove unnecessary things in your patio. To repel insects like mosquitoes, you can plant citronella in your garden.

Don’t put your trash bin in your patio

Flies and ants love garbage. So if possible, put your trash cans away from your house. Also, ensure that the lids on your cans are closed tightly.

Remove standing water

Standing water in your yard attracts mosquitoes. The standing water can become their nursery. You don’t want these insects swarming around your home as they bring virus that could endanger your household. Inspect your home and yard for places that water gathers. These may include gutters, buckets in the garage or kiddie pools. In case you can’t remove water like in the kiddie pool, make sure to buy window screen so mosquitoes can’t enter the premises.

If there are already pests in your home, make sure to exterminate them. You can get the help of pest control experts from Parsons Pest Control.