Firstline Termite Control


Parsons knows there are many risks in life. Using FirstLine isn’t one of them which is why we have chosen this termite defense as one of our primary tools in your termite protection!


The FirstLine Termite Defense System


The FirstLine Termite Defense System provides the industry’s most comprehensive and effective program designed for control of termites. It’s the only system that includes baits, liquids, and software for complete control. Here’s what it includes:


The FirstLine GT Plus Termite Bait Station with SmartDisc™ Locator and Monitor.

The FirstLine GT Plus Termite Bait Station uses the active ingredient, sulfluramid, which is a slow-acting stomach toxicant that kills all types of subterranean termites, including the reproductive ones. The 7”-diameter SMARTDISC™ Locator features a moisture-retaining footprint and ridged design to help termites find the station four times faster for more hits and improved efficiency. Plus, the station is the only professional bait station certified “”Child Resistant” according to guidelines set forth by the Consumer Products Safety Commission. Which means each cap is permanently sealed for safety and is transparent for easy visual inspections. With all these added safety features and extremely high level of results, Parsons has chosen to use this system in many termite treatment cases!

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